Why Getting New Winter Wiper Blades is Important

As the colder weather is setting in, don't forget that your vehicle is going to need a few changes in order for you to be able to safely navigate the roads this winter. Here are a few of the reasons you should consider investing in new winter wipers now:

One of the reasons your car needs winter wiper blades is because they are crafted to be able to handle moving heavy snow load off the windshield. Normal wipers simply bend from the weight, but the more durable winter wiper blades can easily handle the excess weight. The winter wiper blades are encased inside a rubber sleeve that helps to protect the framework from getting clogged with ice. Ice causes the metal framework in regular wipers to buckle, and the blades can't hug the windshield.

Stop by Grieco Toyota and our team will measure and install a new set of winter wiper blades on your car today!

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