Why Use Wiper Fluids?

Grieco Toyota would like to remind you of the importance of using wiper fluid instead of water. First off, water lacks the cleaning power that wiper fluids have when it comes to cleaning off bird droppings, bugs, and other grime you may come across while driving. All wiper fluids contain some kind of antifreeze agent, so this allows you to use it even in freezing temperatures. Using wiper fluid prevents it from freezing and damaging your system. By using water you run the risk of having it freeze in your car and damaging your fluid system, thus rendering your fluid system useless.

This becomes a safety hazard, because without your fluid system then you’ll have no means of cleaning your windshield when it does become dirty. In fact, using your windshield wipers without fluid will make it even dirtier. We encourage you to choose windshield washer fluid over water.

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