Opt for the Dealership for Toyota Service

Getting your vehicle serviced at your Toyota dealership has its benefits. It is ideal because we are much more likely to have the OEM parts and components you need for your car. Our service team is also trained to work on your specific make and model. Come see us at Grieco Toyota for your car troubles, and we will be more than happy to take care of you. We have the parts and service you are looking for, and we offer friendly service.

Our dealership maintains the proper tools for the job and we do not use cheap, generic parts. We even have access to the latest recalls and can perform repairs under warranty. This all saves you time, and you can be assured that the proper work is done on your vehicle. Going to the dealership just means that you are going with the better option and that you will get the service that you deserve. Contact our Toyota service center in East Providence, RI to schedule service soon!

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