The new Toyota Avalon is a safe full-size sedan that is really changing the way you drive. Here are a couple safety features in the new Avalon that you'll certainly appreciate.

Once you get your new Avalon to the highway, you'll appreciate the way the cruise control responds. The Dynamic Radar Cruise Control system can detect if another slower moving car is in front of you, slowing down your car to a safe distance. Once the car is no longer in the way, the system will resume the speed.

Once you get the Avalon on the roads at night, you will also love the Automatic High Beams system. If the roads are clear, the high beams will come on. When another vehicle is sharing the road, the system will switch to the low beams until clear again.

At Grieco Toyota, we have the Toyota Avalon here ready for you to come by and take out for a test drive.



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